In addition to our website, Christ Presbyterian Church also produces a number of publications which seek to inform and to inspire. We hope that you will find your questions answered here and learn more about both our congregation’s history and present life together.

Orders of Worship

Our Orders of Worship can be found here


Tydings is our monthly newsletter. Recent issues can be found here.

Children, Youth, and Family Ministries Newsletter

A weekly publication with news for children, youth, and families of the church. Recent issues can be found here.

The Beam

The Beam is a quarterly publication with news about Camp Wakonda. Recent issues can be found here.

Published books and church resources:

History of Christ United Presbyterian Church: 150th Anniversary, written in 1971 by Elder Ralph Ramsayer.

That Which Outlasts Life, a collection of sermons from long-time pastor, Dr. George E. Parkinson, which was compiled in 1994.

Cookbook Celebrating the 175th Anniversary of Christ Presbyterian Church, compiled in 1997 by the women of Christ Presbyterian Church.

The Confessional Banners of Christ Presbyterian Church, updated in 2017, contains photos of all of our confessional banners, including our own design for the Confession of Belhar, and includes brief explanations of every banner.

Hymnal published by John Saxton in 1830, this recently discovered collection of hymns was published by one of the leaders of our congregation and is believed to have served as one of our first hymnals. 


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