Who We Are

We are the body of Christ: Christ Presbyterian Church. God has called us to the city center of Canton, so that we might minister here and beyond. Our life together is a sign of the Kingdom of God.

We are thrilled to have you as part of our church family, whether you are here as a “virtual” visitor or a fifty-year member of the congregation. Just by being on this website, you are already a valued part of our ministry – and you are helping us to fulfill our vision of building community.

Christ Presbyterian Church is a traditional and authentic community of faith. We take very seriously the theological depth and beauty of our Christian tradition, understanding that “the road to the future runs through the past.” This is especially true in our worship services, where we draw from ancient and modern liturgy and music. As the gathered body of Christ, we recognize that God calls us again and again to love, serve, and grow as disciples.

There are more than 500 members of our congregation, and the demographics are pretty even. We have lots of children, young families, and we also have lots of retired folks, too – and everyone in between. We come from downtown, the suburbs, and the country, meaning that we come from all different walks of life and have some different views on certain things. Nevertheless, we recognize the Holy Spirit brings us together, to worship the Lord in love and faithfulness and that we are called to unity through our common faith in Jesus Christ.

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