Mission & Values

Tiqvah • Hands of Hope

Tiqvah offers a safe physical and emotional space to grow and be empowered.

Tiqvah equips caring adults to build genuine relationships of influence and reflect Christ.

Tiqvah helps students know their identity as a Child of God.

Tiqvah provide tools for students to discover their purpose and build a future.

Tiqvah’s mission: hope

Tiqvah Starts Up!

September 11th begins the new year for our Tiqvah after school program. Maquitta says they are beginning with great plans and enthusiasm.  What can we do to help?  More than anything, they need our prayers.

If you are feeling called … they specifically need:

  • Volunteers for any amount of time you are able
  • Supplies or donations ( Supply list on the kiosk in Westminster Hall) Put them in the Tiqvah box
  • Support people for a new activity called Mentorship On Mondays. This is a Bible Study they are going to do called Belles of the Bible.  They have leaders. They need people to assist and support on Mondays when you are able.  They also need a donation of $70 for the classroom set of books.  If you need more details on this, please feel free to leave a message for Maquitta in the CPC office or call Nancy Montgomery.

Again please keep them all in prayer as we go through the year!

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