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McKinley Band Meals

We’re excited to provide meals for the McKinley Band before Friday night games!

We are committed to providing a hearty, healthy meal to the McKinley Band members, and that will take resources to accomplish! These are growing kids—we can’t feed them pizza every week, even if they wish we would.

Here are our needs:

  • We need monetary donations to help cover the gap of what has already been given as support and what the costs will actually be. We are planning frugal meals but are in desperate need of assistance to cover the full cost! We are providing 1300 meals during this marching band season! Click here to donate.
  • We need cookie bakers
  • We need volunteers to help serve along with the band parents before the Friday games (times vary depending on away vs home game but normally around 4:30)

Your help with help fill a gap of food insecurity, ensure that all band students can participate in each game since they can stay after school and won’t need to worry about transportation back to school, and above all you will touch the hearts of these students (and likely yours as well!). If you are able to help reach out to Laura Milligan or Jennifer Anderson.

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