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Canton Corona Bible

Our goal is to write out the words of the Bible, as an act of meditation and worship, in light of our questions and fears, but also our hope and trust as a testimony to this time of crisis.

Individuals are invited to copy a chapter or two of the New Testament by signing up below. Small groups or congregations are invited to adopt a whole book of the Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament) to copy by contacting Pastor Michael by phone at 330-456-8113 or email mwallace@cantoncpc.org.  


Romans 1 Corinthians2 Corinthians

Galatians / Ephesians / Philippians / Colossians

1 Thessalonians / 2 Thessalonians

1 Timothy / 2 Timothy

Titus / PhilemonHebrews

James / 1 Peter / 2 Peter

1 John / 2 John / 3 John / Jude


To stay connected while physically distancing, people across Canton are invited to copy a chapter from the Bible in their own handwriting. The final result will be a “Canton Corona Bible,” a powerful testimony to hope and connection in this time of crisis. Our goal is to copy the whole Christian Bible, using individuals’ handwriting or calligraphy. For each of the 1,189 chapters of the biblical books of the Old and New Testament, we are looking for women and men, youth or children who commit to each copy at least one chapter. Contributors are also welcome to add a personal commentary, illustrations, or artistic interpretations to their passage. Thus, the Bible is re-created in light of our questions and fears, but also our hope and trust as a testimony to this time of crisis.

Knowing that many of you are homebound or may not be able to come into the church, this is a project that you can easily complete from home! However, when it is safe to do so, those who are able and willing to come in to the church, may sign up for “Scriptorium” Times. These special times will be set aside for individuals to come in to the newly-renovated sanctuary of Christ Presbyterian Church and write out the Scriptures. Of course, for those who do come into the church, we will still maintain all social distancing protocols. In this way, we will be like the monks of old, who dedicated themselves to copying out God’s holy word, well before the printing presses were invented.

This project was inspired by the Nebraska Corona Bible project and the St. Gallen Coronabibel in Switzerland. We thank the initiators of this project for the permission to adapt this idea for use in Canton, OH.

Regarding the books of the Hebrew Bible, below is a master list of those books that have been adopted and those that remain unclaimed. In order to claim these (in part or in whole), please contact Pastor Michael.


Exodus (Unclaimed)
Numbers (Unclaimed)
Deuteronomy (Unclaimed)
Joshua (Unclaimed)
Judges (Unclaimed)
1 Samuel
2 Samuel
1 Kings (Unclaimed)
2 Kings (Unclaimed)
1 Chronicles (Unclaimed)
2 Chronicles (Unclaimed)

Ezra (Unclaimed)
Nehemiah (Unclaimed)
Job (Unclaimed)
Psalms (Several sections claimed)
Song of Solomon (Unclaimed)
Jeremiah (Unclaimed)
Lamentations (Unclaimed)
Ezekiel (Unclaimed)
Daniel (Unclaimed)

Hosea (Unclaimed)
Amos (Unclaimed)
Obadiah (Unclaimed)
Micah (Unclaimed)
Nahum (Unclaimed)
Habakkuk (Unclaimed)
Haggai (Unclaimed)

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