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Concert Series

“Next to the word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” ― Martin Luther

Christ Presbyterian Church announces the 2022-2023 Concert Series. This series continues the long tradition at Christ Church of encouraging listeners to experience the glory of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through musical works. Musical artists representing diverse genres, instruments, and backgrounds will share their gifts in this sacred space.

The Worship & Music Ministries invite you to support this excellent musical series by joining the Christ Church Music Patrons Fund for 2022-2023. The series is made possible with funding above and beyond the church’s regular budget. Please give as you are able; contributions of any amount are most welcome. The names of all Music Patrons are recognized in each of the concert programs. Gifts may be made to “Concert Series” at cantoncpc.org.

New this year! Information and updates on the Concert Series will be sent via email throughout the year. Please subscribe by clicking HERE.

Thank you for your gifts, and may God bless this offering to our community.


Click HERE to Download the brochure.








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